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Normative Canadian foreign policy towards consensus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Updated: Mar 12, 2021


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a source of much international division and fatigue. Regional and international institutions have become paralyzed by deadlock and most states have reached a sense of helplessness at resolving the conflict or influencing Israel. Although the conflict has been ongoing for decades, it continues to evolve and devastate the lives of civilians. What should Canadian policy be vis-à-vis Israel and Palestine? Is there a role for Canada in attempting to build bridges between interveners and contribute towards resolving the conflict? The United States has traditionally played a role of a biased mediator supporting Israel, a policy that Canada has tended to mirror. What are the different paths towards reaching an international consensus on how to intervene more effectively? This article examines Canadian foreign policy vis-à-vis Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and proposes a more constructive role for Canada as a consensus builder and a potential role as an unbiased and inclusive mediator.

“Canadian partisan support of Israel has not only been a slap against ethics and inter- national norms, but it has also contributed to a lack of international consensus on the conflict and most likely cost Ottawa a seat on the United Nations Security Council..”

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